Scoring & Results

Scoring and race results software to time every event—from 5Ks to ultra marathons, triathlons to obstacles races, and even relay races.

Our scoring and race results software takes timing to a new level of accuracy and satisfies the demand for immediate results. We’re dedicated to delivering easy-to- use solutions that address complex timing for races of all distances. Our live results platform offers numerous options to enable athletes and spectators immediate access to the information they crave. 

Seamless integration


Accurate results start with clean registration data. We know the complexities of scoring races inside and out, so we use a registration platform that integrates seamlessly with scoring. Use our Data Checks tool to quickly and efficiently identify problems before your event. Place entries into custom brackets and/or waves based on custom question responses.

Unparalleled accuracy


Paired with our cutting-edge timing hardware, ChronoTrack software provides best-in-class accuracy. Plus, advanced time selection tools automatically choose the best read for any entry:

  • Choose First or Last read

  • Minimum and Maximum Accepted Time Ranges help filter out rogue reads

  • Individual athlete Minimum Interval Durations ensure we use the right read for the right lap

  • Prioritize reads based on their source—Primary line vs. Backup line

Live results


As results are generated during a race, they automatically populate in Athlinks—allowing athletes and spectators to immediately view and share results, engaging with your event, fellow athletes, family, and friends.

Robust results options

We believe in delivering results from every angle—and we have the products to back this up. Our race results software offers numerous options for finding and viewing results:

  •—an online portal for finding, claiming, and sharing race results

  • Push Notifications—available via free SMS

  • On-Site—when registration is over, flip those registration kiosks into results kiosks

  • Scrolling Results—real-time scrolling results are the modern alternative to pages taped to your timing truck